First Mate

Cathy Bryant

We have unzipped from galaxy to galaxy
and woken in many an unfamiliar star cluster,
but it has been just as illuminating to explore
each other - my captain and I. Our breasts are planets,
our faces: moons, our hair: cloud nebulae,
our clitorises: comets. Physical space
or emotional space, love bridges all gaps.
We dance along time, the universe traversed
in an eyelash flash as the climaxes come
and new solar systems explode into being.

Cathy Bryant has won 24 literary awards and writing competitions, and her work has appeared in over 250 publications. Cathy's books are: 'Contains Strong Language and Scenes of a Sexual Nature', 'Look at All the Women' and 'How to Win Writing Competitions'. See Cathy's listings for cash-strapped writers at​​.