And here it is! The “green introduction” to Twisted Moon.

We are excited to bring this first issue of Twisted Moon to you; brimming with beauty, equal parts honeyed and haunting, ripe with succulent words. We launched this publication not just out of love for the lyrical and erotic, but because we felt there was a gap in the speculative poetry realm that we wanted to fill. We launch this issue with an appreciation for the worlds of speculative and erotic poetry - and hope to further explore and deepen these traditions with you in issues to come.

Rather than delineating this issue with a theme, we’ve decided to showcase a range of moods, voices and motifs - a gateway to the world of erotic speculative poetry. From dark tales interwoven with myth to lighthearted and clever verse, we hope our selected poems will tug at your heartstrings, make you ache at the taste of the words, make you giggle and make you gasp.

It was difficult to narrow down our selection to the ten poems you’ll find in this issue, but we love each and every one of them. We hope you do too.

Read on, cosmonauts!

Hester J. Rook, P. Edda, Liz Duck-Chong & Selene Maris