Nadia Kim

She is ocean; I
am red earth. Eddies lick at my toes.
I rasp and blow inland over dunes;
her salty foam holds her at the coast.

She is ocean; I
am fetid mud flat. Nubs of mangrove root emerge;
she crabs away until un-cracked mud is just
out of reach.

I am coarse sand, I
effervesce through her and settle on the
shore, in the pause
between firmament and wave.

I am bony fragments, broken shells, and
splintered feathers. She rubs and
smooths me, soothes me,
spits me out.

She is ocean; I
am earth, the whole earth, and the moon. We roll through
aligning rhythmic motions, aligning cycles,
our purposes aligned.

She is ocean, she
rises, crashes, foams, withdraws;
my cunjevoi hold what tidal pulls cannot reclaim.

Nadia Kim is a queer poet/writer/student living in the outer (outer) north-west of the ACT. Her poetry has been published in Cordite, Bossy and Twisted Moon. In 2017 she was a creative content editor for Woroni, The ANU's student press, and helped curate and launch their creative writing magazine.