Toby MacNutt

The heat here fuzzes out from the stone,
mosslike, a tactile presence. It bends the rock
to meet us, cradling hip and spine, shoulders,
neck and thighs. Earth-spooned
we settle and fuse, half-molten,
gravel voices gone to flow. We compress.
I can taste the grain of you, breathe your quartz
like air. As you fold into me I reach down
to dip my fingers within us, and they dissolve.
The heat of your mouth passes through me -
I tremble, I ache, pressure thudding as we meld
here, so deep, and make the mountains dance.

Toby MacNutt is a queer disabled interdisciplinary artist, author, and teacher living in Burlington, VT (USA). Recent publications of Toby's work include Kaleidoscope, Strange Horizons, and Liminality magazines; collection in Transcendent 2 from Lethe Press; and monthly poems released with Patreon support. For more, see or twitter @tylluan.